Living the Rebus LIFE

Last night I went to my very first fashion pahh-ty. I hope you can sense through my transliterated accent on “party” what an exotic experience it was for me.

A serious abundance of oversized glasses and shiny leather pants filled up  New Era‘s flagship store down on Queen West to drink beer, jam to some hip-hop and enjoy one sweet night of fashionable revelry. It was pretty much exactly what I expected, now that I’ve seen two seasons of How to Make it in America.

The party was a special event for REBUS. Rebus is an up-and-coming denim design house out of Toronto that makes sophisticated styles for both men and women. And while the denim on display looked artful, the undeniable star of last night’s party at New Era was the brand’s trademarked Lazy Pants. These things are worthy of their name and all the hype they’ve been getting– I’ve been spending all my downtime lately in a charcoal pair of these bad boys.

The deliciously cozy sweatpant, marked with Rebus’s recognizable three-bird logo, is perfectly cut to make looking lazy look good. That statement has been backed up by GQ, which recently featured the Lazy Pants on their website, and by other trustworthy publications like Canada’s very own

Lazy Pants (tm)

The Rebus guys have also developed a slick, understated hat with New Era that shows off their soon-to-be-iconic three-bird logo. That hat, in all its colour variations, was out and available for trying on last night. Definitely, an extra attraction for all the young hipsters that only sport flat-brims these days.

All in all, despite standing in the corner staring at people who look much cooler than me and generally feeling like I was trapped in an HBO TV show, I thought the Rebus LIFE event was some really fun and accessible exposure to the local Toronto fashion scene. It always feels good to support local artists and designers, and Rebus products (and the guys behind them) are unusually worthy of that support.

And heads up: I am willing to guarantee that you will never be as comfy as me until you go out and get yourself a pair of Lazy Pants.


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